The Digital Policing Review is Vigilant Research’s flagship programme. We maintain a comprehensive repository of information and insight on planned and current technology programmes which contribute to digital policing, and carry out detailed research on topics proposed by our policing partners.
Supported commercially by industry partners, we publish findings from this research to the UK policing community, and freely offer analysis and interpretation of these findings on a personal basis to police technology leaders.

Digital Policing Review 2018 programme

We are currently producing two linked reports on data science and analytics to be published later in the year, covering capabilities and platforms and then data-driven transformation.


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Technology Futures Operations

Our most recent report examines the current resourcing and demand for technology futures operations within the UK police service. We consider how policing can best work with industry, academia and peers to realise the ambition of effective, sustainable technology futures.

Capability Assessment 2017

Our Digital Policing Review Capability Assessment 2017 presents findings from a comprehensive and wide-ranging research exercise focused on forces in England and Wales.
This very detailed report presents our findings on a series of individual digital capabilities and some cross-cutting themes. We compare progress and ambitions across the service, and identify the business objectives and constraints which drive technology choices for digital policing. The report is available free of charge to policing and government professionals.