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Why a “Digital” Policing Review?

The Digital Policing Review Capability Assessment 2017 launches on Thursday 20th April. But what does “digital” really mean? And why did everyone need a new word for IT, anyway? Technology has defined how we communicate, consume media and run businesses for generations. Yet in barely a decade, staid IT consulting firms rushed to reinvented themselves […]

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Rudd, Truss and joined-up justice ICT

Joined-up justice is a rallying call that many in the sector’s technology community will recognise both as an ideal – we’d all support a seamless transition from investigation to disposal – and as a source of frustration. When the MoJ and the Home Office both have a stake, projects and programmes run slowly. The new […]

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Thoughts on the Met integrated Policing System

The Met is finally out for MiPS: an integrated case, custody, intelligence and investigation system. Three bidders will fight it out, and the rest of the sector should watch closely. Here are six points for the police ICT community to bear in mind as the procurement unfolds.

Delayered gratification

This is high risk stuff, at the sharp […]